Meet The Team
Meet The Team at TMS
Colin Taylor
Managing Director
Ian Lawrance
Operations Manager
TMS Mentor Team - Kyle Bakewell

Kyle Bakewell · Mentoring Manager

I love this job as its very rewarding seeing the positive outcomes we can achieve together with the young people and building trusting relationships! I enjoy Football, walking and Pokémon Go!

TMS Mentor Team - Jemma West

Jemma West · Senior Mentor

I enjoy my job supporting young people to reach their full potential and achieve goals. Whether that's now or in the future. Everyone deserves to know their worth! I enjoy long walks with my dogs, spending time with my family and exploring new places.

TMS Mentor Team - Ollie Davis

Ollie Davis · Senior Mentor

Inspiring young people and being a good role model is why I love working for TMS! I enjoy cooking, football and going to the gym.

TMS Mentor Team - Adam Phillips

Adam Phillips · Senior Mentor

I enjoy interacting with young people and the challenge of helping others to achieve their goals! I enjoy watching and playing sports, gaming, and walking my dog.

TMS Mentor Team - James Booker

James Booker · Senior Mentor

I do this job to try and make any positive difference, no matter how small, for the young people I work with! I enjoy rugby, Marvel and I have a beard.

TMS Mentor Team - Kate Dodson

Kate Dodson · Senior Mentor

Helping young people to see their potential and to overcome challenges is something I love to do! I enjoy travelling, visiting new places and cooking/baking!

TMS Mentor Team - Karen Berry

Karen Berry

The job is challenging but rewarding! My hobbies include being a mother and wife, horse and dog owner, photography and travelling. I'm also a fully qualified horse-riding instructor.

TMS Mentor Team - John Dalton

John Dalton

I enjoy the challenge of meeting young people and building positive relationships! I get great satisfaction when I see young people growing in confidence and achieving their goals. I enjoy Football, tennis, and a good drama series.

TMS Mentor Team - Eve Taylor

Eve Taylor

Helping young people to see their potential and to overcome challenges is something I love to do! I enjoy travelling, visiting new places and cooking/baking!

TMS Mentor Team - Karobi Hayden

Karobi Hayden

I do this job because I'm passionate about supporting children with extra needs! My hobbies include gardening and growing my own fruit and vegetables, as well as cooking.

TMS Mentor Team - Che Mills

Che Mills

I do this job because it gives me satisfaction of knowing I helped a young person, even a little bit in their lives, being a youth with a troubled childhood myself! I'm also an active combat sports athlete and a must Thai teacher!

TMS Mentor Team - Yorro Jallow

Yorro Jallow

I like my job because I want to make a difference in young people's lives and make them feel included in society! I enjoy playing football and basketball, going for walks, and engaging in any activities!

TMS Mentor Team - Emma Minnican

Emma Minnican

I do this job as I enjoy helping kids grow in confidence and realise their potential whilst having fun! My hobbies include tennis, gym and looking after animals!

TMS Mentor Team - Isabelle Taylor

Isabelle Taylor

I love doing this job as I find everyday very rewarding and love seeing each child grow each and every day! I enjoy going to the gym and socialising with friends!

TMS Mentor Team - Elliot Jones

Elliot Jones

I enjoy the satisfaction that I get from knowing i've made a difference in a young persons life. I am currently a 1st team squad member at Gloucester City and enjoy being outdoors.

TMS Mentor Team - Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson

I do this job because as someone who is dyslexic and ADD I know what it is like to be misunderstood and how impowering it is when someone understands. I work to understand and support young people like the few that understood me. I enjoy salsa dancing, videography and abstract painting!

TMS Mentor Team - Jamie Cole

Jamie Cole

I do this job because I love to see individuals met their potential and be that someone who makes a difference in their lives. My hobbies are gaming and talking... I never shut up!

TMS Mentor Team - Donovan Davy

Donovan Davy

TMS Mentor Team - Lisa Best

Lisa Best

TMS Mentor Team - Beatrice Grinnell

Beatrice Grinnell

TMS Mentor Team - Nikola Ziarnowska

Nikola Ziarnowska

I do this job because I want to make an impact and a positive change for their future. I like gardening and growing my own vegetables, as well spending time with family and friends.

TMS Mentor Team - Natalie Harman

Natalie Harman

TMS Mentor Team - Gary Phillips

Gary Phillips

I do this job because its nice give back to the community and feel like I'm making a difference, no matter how small. I like dog walks and travelling.

TMS Mentor Team - Tony McCartan

Tony McCartan

TMS Mentor Team - Amy Baker

Amy Baker

I do this job because I want to help make a difference in their lives and be a positive influence. I like arts and crafts as well as fitness.

TMS Mentor Team - Sarah Watkins

Sarah Watkins

TMS Mentor Team - Roy Toomey

Roy Toomey

I do this job because I want to make a difference in young people's lives wherever I can. I like racket sports and one liners.

TMS Mentor Team - Mason Carter

Mason Carter

TMS Mentor Team - Rebecca Baldwin

Rebecca Baldwin

One-On-One Mentoring